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Hello, anybody here?

Hello all!

I'd very much like to awaken this sleeping community, but first I wanted to see if anyone was interested. Y'all interested?

Here's my thought: I want to start off relatively slow and in a few weeks time--so I can recruit more interested parties. I want us to read something light and fun, something that fits into our daily lives--work, school, kids, hobbies, etc. I am thinking Children's Literature.

We will start with the Narnia Chronicles in their original order, meaning we begin with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. If you are interested, please respond in the comments and try to pick up the first book in the next two weeks. I'd like to start reading on Monday, June 6th, with discussion to follow and conclude on Monday, June 13th when we would start the next book.

Plus, The Chronicles Of Narnia is coming to theaters this winter, December 9th. It would be nice to relive a bit of childhood, so let us begin with the reading (re-reading for many of us). Come on lovesbooks...WAKE UP!

So, what is everyone thinking?
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